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It's Our Store is a Multi Vendor department store where you can shop for anything in our range, pay once and have the products sent to your door. You can search via Shop Owner, Manufacturer or by Product Category.  

Free Advertising Display your products For Sale For Free on ‘Its Our Store’

We will get you set up ready to go in no time.

Store Concept

Its Our Store is all about the customers shopping convenience. Its Our Store is the equivalent of a physical shopping centre with a few differences to help make online shopping easier and more convenient. Its Our Store has brought together an online mall of stores where you can browse, and buy goods from many different independent stores all in the one site; add items to your shopping basket and then checkout only once.

For store owners you can display your goods for free, gain free exposure and free advertising and best of all it’s free - when you sell you make money, and we make money!

Its Our Store Shopping cart system

*** Opening offer ***

We are prepared to do all the work for you;

  • For the first 20 Products (further quantities will be negotiated).
  • we are prepared to list your products
  • take photos if required and practically possible
  •  weigh the products so that the Australia Post automatic calculator can be used (if practically possible)
  • and put your products up on the site for you,
  • we will collect the money and deposit the money directly into your bank account
  • We still charge the same selling fees.

    All you need to do is;

    • receive the orders,
    •  pack and post them
    • list us as a retail outlet on your main web site(this is also a very important link for the search engines)

    You will have full access to your store at the back end of Its Our Store, you can upload your products and adjust all the features, price, stock, freight, pictures and descriptions, etc

    There are a couple of forms to fill out as we need to know some details about you and we need to keep it legal. Please talk to us for more details.

Self Managed Store

You manage your own site, You have full access to your own administration panel. You can

  • add, modify and delete products
  • add extras fields
  • shipping details
  • discounts
  • coupons
  • view orders
  • search orders
  • add descriptions
  • customize meta tags
  • add up to 6 product pictures per product.


Then all you need to do is;

  • receive the orders,
  • pack and post them
  • list us as a retail outlet on your main web site(this is also a very important link for the search engines)

What we provide

  • we manage the software and updates
  • ssl certificate
  • paypal secure payment gateway
  • collect the money and pay you
  • marketing through the internet
  • and a heap of other stuff

We need to put up your customized banner and a company description for you.

Free Advertising

Free Advertising, the more exposure the better.

How many stores would you like to have?

How many have you got?

It is always said that the more exposure you have the better chance of selling you will have.

There are no limits

There are no limits to how many products you can display, how much you charge is up to you. There are no bandwidth limits, storage limits or upload limits.

What we ask of you.

Have a link on your web page to us. Search engines like links, so the more links that you have to your products the better it is for you. You can link directly to your store using your own address.

Link directly to your store     http://

Link directly to your products

Your in Control

Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Freight - Choose from a variety of freighters, if we don’t have who you would like to use chances are we will be able to set them up for you.

Your back end area – you will have access to many tools to suit the needs of your products.

Freight – Postage is calculated automatically with our default postage calculator through Australia Post.

Orders - Online and email notification of orders (fax at extra cost)

Photos – add up to 6 photos per product.

Your Shop – There is provision to use your own Banner and Company logo along with a company description.

Bookkeeping – download you orders directly into Quickbooks for ease of bookkeeping.  If you don't use Quickbook we can send you a CSV File.

+ heaps more .


As you know we all need to make a living, so we only charge you when you make a sale. We take a 10%  commission on the sold price (inc gst) of the goods sold + paypal charges.


Drop Shipping

If your company is a drop shipper we would be very interested to hear from you. We will sell your products through the IOS Distribution banner or Its Our Store. We would like to have as much variety as possible to offer our clients. This means that we do all the work and prices, shipping details and other stuff are negotiated.


We aspire to be the best place on the web to buy and sell your products. Ok so there is still plenty of work to do but we are very excited and working hard.

Interested; find out more.


Ellenor Clarke

PO Box 135 ,

Lara, Vic, 3212


Phone: +61 3 90105538

Mobile :   04 2030 6635