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Rules for Listing

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Rules for Listings
To promote a safe, fair and enjoyable trading experience, Its Our Store has established a set of rules and policies for item listings. These restrictions involve how certain items are described, and practices that would provide an unfair advantage or result in a negative buyer experience. Learning about Its Our Store's listing policies before you list an item will help you to avoid unintentionally breaking rules. Breaches of these policies may result in a range of actions, including:
 • Listing cancellation
 • Limits on account privileges
 • Account suspension
When policy violations occur, Its Our Store emails the seller, as explaining that a listing has been deleted and needs to be re-submitted. In addition to the Rules for Listings, you should also review the rules for Prohibited and Restricted Items and the Protection of Intellectual Property to check if your type of item is allowed or has additional restrictions that would affect your item listing. The following are the Rules for Listing with links to the specific policy pages that have examples, any exceptions, and a link that you can use to report a violation of that policy. Prohibited and restricted items What items can and cannot be listed. Its Our Store’s restrictions are often based on country and state laws, including copyright or trademark laws. However, many restrictions involve the sale of controversial or sensitive items and are not necessarily prohibited by law. The limitations are a result of input by the Its Our Store Community. Before you list your item, it is a good idea to review Its Our Store's Prohibited and Restricted items policy to see if it is on the list of what may not be sold on Its Our Store. Listings must not misrepresent items. Except as noted in the specific policy as exceptions, sellers cannot:
 • Have misleading titles that do not accurately describe the item for sale. Listings cannot use techniques to avoid or circumvent Its Our Store fees. Except as noted in the specific policy as exceptions, sellers cannot:
 • Offer a catalogue from which buyers may directly order.
 • Allow buyers a choice of items.
 • Include separate payment surcharges that buyers pay to use ordinary forms of payment.
 • Charge excessive postage and handling.
 • Offer the opportunity through Its Our Store to purchase the item or other merchandise outside Its Our Store.
 • Use their About Me Page to promote outside-of-Its Our Store sales or prohibited items. Listings must promote a fair and level playing field, and provide an enjoyable and safe experience for buyers. Except as noted in the specific policy as exceptions, sellers cannot:
 • Solicit buyers to use payment methods not specifically permitted by Its Our Store as accepted payment methods.
 • Promote giveaways, random drawings, raffles, prizes or bonuses.
 • Create a listing that does not offer an item or service.
 • Include third-party endorsements of Its Our Store members.
 • Include third party credits beyond what is acceptable.
 • Use profanity in a listing, except as allowed in the Mature Audience category and in media titles.
 • Use brand names or other words inappropriately for the purpose of attracting buyers to a listing (called keyword spamming). Listings that involve the following situations or types of item, must conform to limitations specified in the policy:
 • Compilation and Informational Items
 • Its Our Store Pilot Programs
 • Jewellery, Precious Metals and Loose Beads
 • Warranties and Service Contracts Completing the sale Practices that are not allowed involving transactions. For example, accepting payment and sending an item that is significantly different from the item described in the item listing is not allowed. For policy and examples, see the Seller Non-performance policy.