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Seller Non Performance

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Seller Non-Performance


Its Our Store expects sellers to deliver a consistently high level of buyer satisfaction.

When a buyer purchases an item on Its Our Store, the seller and buyer have entered a contract that both members are expected to honour. A seller's obligations are formal – such as sending the item that was described in the listing – as well as informal – such as providing good service.

Sellers who don't fulfill their obligations may be in breach of their contract and can create an unsatisfactory buyer experience. Buyer experience is reflected in a seller's Feedback. If a seller repeatedly creates unsatisfactory buyer experiences they're at risk of violating the Seller Non-Performance policy.

Best practice that helps sellers maximize buyer satisfaction includes:

·         Accurately describing the condition, size and quality of their listed items

·         Honouring the original terms by accepting payment for an item at the end of a successful sale

·         Promptly sending the item with appropriate packaging once payment has been received

·         Responding promptly and professionally to buyer questions

·         Proactively communicating with the buyer throughout the transaction

·         Issuing timely refunds when accepting returns or if there's a delivery problem

Breaches of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
·         Listing cancellation

·         Limits on account privileges

·         Account suspension

·         Holds on payments made through PayPal

·         Selling fee schedule adjustments

·         Decreased visibility in search results

·         Referral to law enforcement agencies

For more information see the Additional information
What buyers can do if they believe a seller has violated the Seller
Non-Performance policy
If a seller has refused to complete a sale and payment hasn't been sent, or has been refunded, report the seller to Its Our Store. Include a copy of the email documenting the seller's refusal to complete the sale with the full message text with your report.
After receiving a report, Its Our Store will consider the circumstances of the alleged offence. If appropriate, Its Our Store will take action against the seller. Due to privacy issues, Its Our Store will be unable to discuss the result of the investigation.
If a buyer has paid for an item but has not received the item or a refund, or believes the item was significantly misrepresented, they should refer to the Its Our Store Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described process.

Buyers can also use Its Our Store’s Feedback system to leave comments and detailed seller ratings regarding their satisfaction with a transaction.

Note: Eligibility for buyer protection services is determined by the payment method you use and the Its Our Store country site where the item was purchased. You can review how your purchase is protected on the item page. PayPal offers a Buyer Protection program for eligible transactions on Its Our Store *.
You can only open a dispute through the specific Its Our Store country site where you purchased the item. If you try to open a dispute on an Its Our Store country site other than the site where you purchased the item, you'll be asked to continue your dispute on the appropriate Its Our Store site.

After receiving a report, Its Our Store will consider the circumstances of the alleged offence. Due to privacy issues, Its Our Store will be unable to discuss the result of the investigation.

What sellers can do to immediately improve buyer satisfaction if they're in violation of the Seller Non-Performance policy
·          Feedback comments for insights on what's causing buyer dissatisfaction.

·          Complete all unresolved transactions in a manner that ensures buyer satisfaction.

·          Settle any open disputes with buyers. For items paid using PayPal, disputes can be accessed from the Resolution Centre section in your PayPal account. All others can be accessed in the Dispute Console in My Its Our Store.

Report any transactions that received no payment to Its Our Store.   Its Our Store uses Paypal exclusively for the security it gives both the buyer and the seller protection.