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What to do when you don't receive your item

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What to do when you don't receive your item or it's not as described

We want you to be happy with your buying experience. If you don't receive an item you paid for, or you receive an item that's not as described in the listing, we're here to help with guidelines and tools for resolution, as well as PayPal buyer protection.

1. Talk to the seller

Most problems can be solved by direct communication between buyers and sellers. Communicate with your trading partner to try to resolve the problem. If you attempt to contact the seller by email but donít receive a response, you can request the sellerís contact information and call them. If you canít resolve the problem, use the steps described here.

2. Contact Consumer Affairs in your State

If you can't work things out directly with the seller, you can contact consumer affairs in your state.   Its Our Store has a policy that only businesses with a valid ABN are allowed to list on Its Our Store.   If Consumer Affairs cannot help you please Contact Us and we will discuss the matter with the supplier and review their status as a provider on Its Our Store.

3. PayPal Resolution Centre

If you paid for your item using PayPal, go to the PayPal Resolution Centre to open your case.
        You can open a case in the PayPal Resolution Centre up to 45 days after your PayPal payment.

To open a PayPal case, go to the PayPal Resolution Centre. To understand about PayPal claims, read about the PayPal resolution process.

Timing is important

Be aware of the timing for opening and closing cases. (If you paid by credit card, be aware of your card company's policies too.)

        You can open a case in the Resolution Centre 10-60 days after the sale for payment outside of PayPal

        The seller has up to 10 days to respond to your case.

        You need to close your case up to 90 days after the end of the transaction.

o        If your case isn't resolved, your trading partner needs to be reported to us and Its Our Store will will review the case to see what it will take listing action.

o        If you don't close the case within 90 days, it's closed automatically, and your trading partner isn't reported to Its Our Store.

o        Once your case is closed by you or Its Our Store, you can't reopen the case.

Opening a case

Timeline :   10 to 60 days from when you paid for your item.

To get to contact us, click Contact Us above or click Contact Us on thr Right Hand Side of all our pages in the Help- section.

1.      Go to My Its Our Store.

2.      Click the "Contact Us"

3.      Fill Out your Member Id, and Order Number and detail your issue which has not been resolved.